Jasper Flex
  • All fiber design
  • Based on truly all-fiber, SESAM-free Fluence Oscillator
  • Long lifetime
  • Unprecedented stability
  • Reduced size
  • Standard 270 fs – 8 ps pulse duration tuning by default
  • Burst mode for process enhancement included by default

Jasper Flex is our new high-power femtosecond laser for microprocessing. Its compact size makes it even easier to use and to integrate into existing systems. It delivers pulses with a maximum energy of 30 µJ at up to 1 MHz repetition rate and as much as 100 µJ in the burst mode. The user-configurable burst mode brings new capabilities in industries manufacturing consumer electronics, integrated photonics, and displays.

We believe that the most important part of the high-power laser is a femtosecond oscillator. It is the heart of our every system. Jasper Flex is based on Fluence’s unique technology of truly all-fiber, SESAM-free oscillator that was tested to operate at 40 g vibration. Additionally, it was assessed in a vast range of temperatures spanning over 50o C. The oscillator together with a fiber preamplifier creates a monolithic construction immune to misalignment. This defines the robustness of the Jasper Flex system.

  Jasper Flex
Maximum average power 30 W (ask for higher)
Maximum pulse energy 30 μJ up to 1 MHz (ask for higher)
Maximum burst energy 100 μJ @ 200 kHz, 1030 nm
Base repetition rate 20 ± 2 MHz
Two stage repetition rate tuning,
selectable with control software
1 – 20 MHz, internal repetition rate
Single Pulse – 1 MHz, realized with built-in pulse picker
Pulse duration < 270 fs FWHM (< 250 fs typical)
Pulse duration tuning < 270 fs – 8 ps, software-controlled (< 270 fs – 20 ps optional)
Central wavelength 1030 ± 5 nm
Optional wavelength outputs With Harmonic Generation Module (HGM): 515 nm, 343 nm, 258 nm (available upon request)
Polarization Linear, vertical
Beam quality M² < 1.2 (~ 1.1 typical)
Output beam waist diameter 1/e² 2.5 ± 0.5 mm (ask for other)
Burst mode for process enhancement Included
6U, 19” rack-mountable chiller Included
External gating trigger Included
External analog power modulation Included
Laser control software Included
Pulse on demand Included
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvements.



Available options:

  • Wide pulse duration tuning – up to 20 ps
  • Harmonic generation:
    • Second Harmonic output (515 nm)
    • Third Harmonic output (343 nm)
    • Fourth Harmonic output (258 nm)
  • For continuous wavelength tuning, please check Fluence Harmony Optical Parametric Amplifier
jasper + hgm
Jasper laser with the optional Harmonic Generation Module (HGM)

Typical temporal profile

Typical spectral profile

Typical beam profile

Typical power stability

Pulse energy vs. repetition rate

Jasper is the right choice whenever there is a need for high power and high pulse energy while maintaining a very short pulse duration. Some applications include:

  • Display repair
  • Micromachining
  • Polymer cutting
  • Surface structuring
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pumping of Optical Parametric Amplifiers (e.g. Fluence Harmony)
  • Pump and probe spectroscopy (when used in tandem with Fluence Harmony)
  • FIBS sample preparation for AFM
  • Three-photon excited fluorescence (when used in tandem with Fluence Harmony)