Halite is a compact, single-box, all-fiber femtosecond laser, specifically designed to meet the most demanding applications in the field of neuroscience, biophotonics, microscopy and engineering. With pulses as short as < 180 fs, average power up to 2 W at 1030 nm and option of second harmonic at 515 nm, it is an irreplaceable tool in every lab that needs a reliable, turn-key, ultrafast light source. Thanks to its unique construction and SESAM-free technology it is a cost-effective solution that provides high pulse energy (up to 100 nJ) with an excellent beam quality. Halite’s industrial design facilitates easy integration with both experimental and commercial systems.

  Halite 1 Halite 2 Halite X
Maximum average power >700 mW >2 W Custom
Maximum pulse energy >35 nJ >100 nJ Ask For Details
Pulse duration < 200 fs (< 170 fs option available) < 250 fs FWHM  
GDD precompensation standard GDD precompensation from 10.000 down to -100.000 fs2  
  *Optional computer controlled GDD precompensation tuning 10.000 to -50.000 fs2  
Central wavelength 1030 ± 5 nm  
Optional wavelength outputs 515 nm, 343 nm, 258 nm  
Beam quality M2 <1.2  
Polarization Linear, vertical  
Laser control software Included  
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvements.


Watch how we vibration test Halite SHG laser:

  • Shorter pulse option <170 fs
  • Higher-harmonic generation option
    module converting the 1030 nm output wavelength into 515 nm, 343 nm or 258 nm. Changes the scope of the output power.
  • Automated GDD precompensation option
  • computer controlled GDD precompensation tuning 10.000 to -50.000 fs2”.
  • Truly all-fiber, SESAM-free construction
  • Pulse energy up to 100 nJ
  • Power up to 2 W
  • Pulse duration <190 fs
  • One-box, compact, turn-key solution

Fluence Halite can be used in applications that need pure and stable laser pulses. This includes:

  • Multi-photon imaging & excitation
  • Neuroscience
  • Optogenetics