Harmony: Optical Parametric Amplifier

Find harmony in four perfectly synchronized and precisely tunable wavelength outputs produced by Fluence Harmony Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA).

Fluence Harmony is a device that precisely converts ultrafast pulses of one band (e.g. 1030 nm pulses coming from Fluence Jasper) into a set of pulsed laser beams tunable in an extremely broad spectrum of wavelengths, ranging from 210 nm to over 10 000 nm. It is equipped with an integrated mini spectrometer and can be automatically tuned with the base wavelength range of 630 up to 2600 nm with intuitive user-friendly PC software.

The growing number of ultrafast spectroscopy techniques has prompted the need for a robust and reliable, self-diagnostic device like Harmony. The Optical Parametric Amplifier can be fully compatible with most femtosecond lasers and provides automated tuning across the basic tuning range.

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  Harmony Basic Harmony UltraTune
Pulse duration of Signal < 200 fs Ask for details
Signal bandwidth < 250 cm-1  
Polarization Linear, horizontal  
Beam quality M2 <1.5*  

Performance and tuning

Output Tuning range Conversion efficiency**
Signal and idler 630 – 1030 nm and 1030 – 2600 nm > 4% across tuning range, 9% at peak of tuning range
SH of signal and idler 315 – 515 nm and 515 – 630 nm > 2% at peak of tuning range
FH of signal and idler 210 – 255 nm and 255 – 310 nm > 0.5% at peak of tuning range***
SH of pump beam fixed 515 ± 2 nm > 40%
IR extension 2600-10000 nm > 0.4% peak conversion efficiency***
> 0.1% in range 2.8 μm-6 μm
* – for signal and idler
** – combined signal and idler with respect to input pump laser average power at 200 kHz. SH – second harmonic, TH – third harmonic, FH – fourth harmonic
*** – BOL – beginning of lifetime


All specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvements.

We are more than happy to customise this product for you and add some special features that you require. Do you prefer to have the third harmonic or different polarisation? Just get in touch and let us know.

  • Quick and precise, all-automated tuning
  • Passive and stable
  • User-friendly software
  • Perfect extension for the Fluence Jasper laser

Harmony is a versatile piece of equipment, due to its broad range of tuning and high conversion efficiency. When seeded with a reliable ultrafast laser such as Fluence Jasper, it may find use in many applications like:

  • Pump probe spectroscopy
  • Non-linear optics
  • Neuroscience


typical spectra from Harmony
Typical tuning spectra from Harmony