oscylator Fluence
  • Truly all-fiber construction
  • Extreme endurance to shock and vibration
  • Long lifetime with no degradable components
  • High temperature stability
  • Small footprint
  • Self-starting, OEM-ready product

This is not a usual laser. This is the superhero of laser oscillators. It has special superpowers that make it stand out from the crowd. Super-short yet ultra-fast. Small in size but very stable and robust. The earth may tremble but the laser will operate as usual. Same power, same pulse, and no degradation over many years. Meet Fluence Oscillator – the first SESAM-free and truly-all-fiber 1030 nm ultrafast laser.

This oscillator was specifically developed to be the rock-solid heart of the Fluence Jasper amplified system. It is built upon the Fluence truly-all-fiber technology, with no degradable components inside and no SESAM. The oscillator is equipped with a special self-starting solution ensuring the laser mode locks every time. This feature together with the small size and low power consumption make the Fluence Oscillator perfect for OEM applications.

  Fluence Oscillator
Maximum average power > 20 mW @ 1030 nm
Maximum pulse energy > 1 nJ
Base repetition rate 20 MHz ± 2.5 MHz (ask for other)
Pulse duration < 20 ps chirped pulse (compressible to < 200 fs FWHM)
Central wavelength 1030 ± 5 nm
Spectral bandwidth > 10 nm (FWHM)
Polarization Linear
Output FC/APC fiber port available (FC/APC fiber patchcord included)
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvements.

  • Ultra-short pulse option <200 fs
    output compressor module allowing the compression of output chirped pulses. Changes the scope of the fiber output into the free-space output.
  • Higher-harmonic generation option
    module converting the 1030 nm output wavelength into 515 nm. Changes the scope of the output power.

Every laser we produce is subject to rigorous tests. Below you can watch how our lasers operate during the vibrational tests.

40 g shock test:

10 g vibrational test:

The Fluence Oscillator can be used in applications that need pure and stable laser pulses. Applications include: