Fluence sp. z o.o. is a private limited company founded in 2016 to commercialize the cutting-edge all-fiber femtosecond technology developed in Polish academic institutions.

The company was established by four experts, each one specializing in their own complementary area, but all of them sharing the same passion for technology and willingness to develop unique ultrafast systems that would be robust, stable and frustration-free. Their goal was obtained thanks to their hard work and dedication to the ultrafast fiber technology from as early as 2003. Those 13 years of research and development before Fluence was officially founded, had let them find a way to make the femtosecond lasers extremely stable and immune to shock and vibration. With the unique all-fiber technology they are devoted to fill the long-standing market gap of truly service-free femtosecond lasers.

Nowadays, Fluence consists of a team of highly skilled engineers and scientist with the drive to make a difference and go the extra mile. Team of experts in the fields like: laser systems, photonics, embedded systems, software, simulation and modeling, electronics, micromachining, ultrafast spectroscopy and more.

For more information on what is different about Fluence approach and technology follow our values section.

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