Fluence Blueback is a real-time ultrashort laser pulse characterization device specifically engineered to provide a high-resolution measurement for ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers. It is an essential piece of equipment for everyone who depends on accurate information about the properties of their ultra-short pulses. With Fluence Blueback you get more than just a single result. You can watch your pulse evolving in real-time.

Pulse duration measurement range 80 fs – 4 ps
Central wavelength 1010 – 1060 nm (other on request)
Repetition rate 1 kHz – 200 MHz
Sensitivity >0.5 nJ @ 80 MHz
>100 nJ @ 1 kHz
Input polarization Linear, vertical
Integrated high-resolution spectrometer (USB 2.0) Included
User-friendly software and manual Included
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvements.