Introducing the Fluence Halite

Here at Fluence sp. z o.o. we are delighted to introduce you to our latest product, Fluence Halite.

Halite is our watt-class, compact, all-fiber femtosecond laser. All in one box, Halite is air-cooled and powered only with a standard 24V input.

Robust and reliable – the Halite 1 gives >35 nJ of pulse energy, with just an A4 paper sized footprint.

The Fluence Halite emits wavelengths at 1030 nm or 515 nm, and is the perfect tool for biophotonics, multiphoton-microscopy, two-photon polymerization and more.

For more information, follow Halite our product section.

Want to learn about how you can benefit from Fluence all-fiber technology? Watch this video showing a vibration test of our Halite SHG (515 nm) version: