Join Fluence at Photonics Plus

Fluence sp z o.o. will be talking at the inaugural Photonics Plus Virtual Exhibition and Conference 2021. As an authority on ultrafast femtosecond laser technology, we will be presenting our own thoughts on femtosecond lasers and their applications, along with an exhibition to display some of Fluence’s unique technologies. Sounds good?

The Photonics Plus conference, in partnership with EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium), is an innovative live event that aims to connect brands with the people who need their products the most. All the while, Photonics Plus gives participants the rare opportunity to learn industry insights from experts and world-class corporations from around the globe. With almost 300 businesses and international experts involved, Fleet has designed the event to be both inclusive and interactive for an estimated 5000 online visitors.

On February 17th & 18th, viewers can watch exhibits for over 280 companies, in which businesses will introduce themselves with short presentations. Amongst these companies are some of the world’s leading photonics brands, covering all sectors from manufacturers, to design consultants, distributors, and everything in-between. ASML, OSRAM, and Xonox are just a selection of the many respected names involved. Viewers will be able to ask questions to brand representatives in live chat, whilst 1-to-1 video chats will also be an exciting way for visitors to engage with photonics businesses. All of these interactions can be initiated through a matchmaking feature that helps participants find the perfect exhibitions for their needs. On top of this, 30 keynote speakers from internationally renowned corporations will provide their valuable reflections on photonics solutions, innovations, and applications.

Here at Fluence sp z o.o., we are proud to be involved with Photonics Plus 2021, where you will be able to view our exhibition and listen to our talk on femtosecond fiber lasers. At the Fluence exhibition, we will present some of our most recent cutting-edge innovations. This includes products like the Jasper Flex – our new high power femtosecond laser for micro-processing. The Jasper Flex’s compact size makes it easier to use, and easier to integrate into existing systems. The Jasper X0, Halite, and Harmony are just a few of our other effective and efficient femtosecond laser solutions that are suitable for various other applications. Interested viewers will be able to ask us questions about our products and the photonics industry as a whole, so make sure you don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

Join us for a talk

In addition to the exhibition, our very own Dariusz Świerad, Business Development Manager of Fluence, will be giving a talk on femtosecond lasers. Specifically, Dariusz will speak about “femtosecond fiber lasers for precise cutting and peace of mind.” The talk comes as an opportunity for interested parties to learn in-depth about the beneficial uses of femtosecond technology, and its importance to the modern industrial landscape. Again, this is a must-see event!

There are many other great speakers providing value to the viewer too, with informative talks about products, marketing, components, materials, and the wider impact of the photonics industry. Amongst these speakers are representatives from corporations with a huge global reputation. Tomas Liljeberg, General Manager of Intel’s photonics division, will speak at the conference, as well as faces from other big brands like Airbus, Telefonica, Cisco, L’Oréal, and Electrolux.

Does the Photonics Plus Virtual Exhibition and Conference sound interesting to you? Fortunately, you can join us at Photonics Plus 2021, which takes place on February 17th and 18th, 2021. Click on the following link to sign up:

Free tickets

Lucky individuals can also get their hands on free tickets to the conference. We have 200 tickets available to give away to clients and interested parties. Simply get in touch with us at, and you could get yourself a free ticket to Photonics Plus Virtual Exhibition and Conference 2021. We can’t wait to speak with you about photonics, and all of our amazing products!

See you there!