The efforts in the field of photovoltaic technologies are directed to obtain more efficient cells at a lower cost, that can be achieved with the use of femtosecond laser technology in the manufacture thereof. No... More


Femtosecond lasers emit precise and short duration energy pulses with a wavelength close to the infrared, which allows it to penetrate tissues without damaging adjacent structures. These properties make femtosecond lasers the most suitable tool... More

Device fabrication

Traditionally the manufacturing of metal surfaces with highly controllable properties required processes which involve too many techniques and steps to become commercial products, but now it is something that can be done with our femtosecond... More

Glass/Transparent materials

HIGH PRECISION MICROMACHINING FOR GLASS AND TRANSPARENT MATERIALS The technology involved in all kinds of micromachining has indeed changed with the introduction of modern methods being used in the process. The glass and transparent material... More


The use of shorter laser pulses provides some advantages in spectroscopy and two-photon microscopy field. The development of femtosecond laser pulse generator has made it possible to obtain enough peak of intensity to observe a... More