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FPGA Developer

20.12.2021 Warszawa, Poland

FPGA Developer

As an FPGA Developer at Fluence, you will work on a project to develop a high-speed, real-time control
system intended for precise timing and stabilization of laser pulses. You will be helping us to harness
complicated physical processes occurring in femtosecond lasers. You will be working in close cooperation
with an experienced engineering team of optical, mechanical, and electronic specialists.

  • have several years of experience with programming in VHDL or Verilog,
  • have experience with both Intel (Altera) and Xilinx FPGAs,
  • know how to implement a real-time DSP system with a potentially complicated mathematical model,
  • keep their code modular and well documented,
  • be able to read and understand schematics of digital circuits,
  • write well-structured documentation in English.



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