Siegman International School of Lasers 2022

We are delighted to inform you that this year Fluence was the hosting sponsor of Siegman International School on Lasers 2022. This year, the annual event organized by the Optica association took place in the historic city of Chęciny, Poland. This summer, over 100 participants from 32 countries took part in an intensive one-week training program where, thanks to international professionals and academic and industrial experts, students deepened their knowledge in the field of lasers and their applications.

The event was not only an opportunity for the audience to gain knowledge from leaders in the photonic industry, but also a chance for more casual networking among the community. The extensive schedule included a series of lectures with outstanding scientists. The participants could listen to, among others, lectures by: prof. Benjamin Brecht from Paderborn University, prof. Ursula Keller from ETH Zurich, prof. Frank Wise from Cornell University, prof. Goëry Genty from Tampere University, as well as prof. Grzegorz Soboń from Warsaw University of Technology, prof. Maciej Wojtkowski from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, and dr. Bogusz Stępak from Fluence. The speech given by our R&D Director of Laser Microprocessing Laboratory concerned ultra-fast materials processing: from scientific to industrial applications. This lecture covered the basics of ultrashort pulse material excitation and ablation timescales. Dr. Stępak described the influence of pulse duration and laser fluence on materials processing. Moreover, the role of spatial and temporal pulse shaping on ablation rates and surface quality was discussed. Finally, Dr. Stępak presented the advantages of ultrashort pulses based on several applications. These applications include Bessel beam glass cleaving, transparent material processing surface modification, cutting, milling, and drilling.

We would like to thank the organizers, the Optica association, and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw for supporting this extraordinary event, and we look forward to next year’s event.