Glass/Transparent materials

  • Diamon Marking
  • Gems Cutting
  • Hard Glass Cutting
  • Glass Welding
  • Plastic Welding
  • 3D data storage


The technology involved in all kinds of micromachining has indeed changed with the introduction of modern methods being used in the process.

The glass and transparent material micromachining process contributes to the success of various companies that make use of it regularly in achieving all kinds of aims and purposes.

All you need is to locate the right micromachining laser that can do the job for you.


The JASPER family is a suitable choice for everyone who requires high precision and high-speed marking, cutting, welding or 3D structures.

The ultrashort lasers offer tremendous advantages in processing transparent and brittle materials. A laser pulse is absorbed in nonlinear process inside the material – but only in the very localized volume around the focusing point. The surround material stays unaffected, thus heating or cracking may be eliminated, allowing for fine and very precise 3-D structures to be directly built inside.

Nowadays, glass is widely used in various products like smartphones/mobiles, laptops, televisions, medical devices and other consumer electronics.

Work with the right micromachining manufacture and micromachining laser today.

Femtosecond laser processing offers cost-effective services and solutions such as laser drilling, laser cutting, laser wielding, laser marking, surface structuring, polishing, engraving, and so on.

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