• Microsurgery
  • DNA transfection
  • Dentistry
  • Stent fabrication
  • Coherent tomography
  • Imaging
  • Nanoparticles fabrication

Femtosecond lasers emit precise and short duration energy pulses with a wavelength close to the infrared, which allows it to penetrate tissues without damaging adjacent structures. These properties make femtosecond lasers the most suitable tool for clinical applications, such as laser eye surgery, precision laser surgery, or medical device fabrication.

With truly monolithic all-fiber front-end our lasers provide fast warm-up time, unprecedented long-term stability and hands-free operation.

Fluence lasers are tested in a wide range of different conditions, such as vibration test, shock test or temperature cycling ensuring the highest standards for quality and reliability.

Microsurgery, dentistry, DNA transfection, coherent tomography, nanoparticles fabrication and imaging are some of the biomedical applications Fluence lasers have experience in, offering a wide range of products to suit your specification.